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We help women, couples, and families


We are a team of collaborative therapists who are passionate about working with each woman through all of the transitions in her life - in her relationship with herself and with others, in motherhood and family, and in her career.  

Whether you’re navigating a big life change and seeking a short-term consultation, or you’re interested in ongoing therapeutic support, we can create a customized plan for you.

Therapy designed for women, parents, and families. 

we’re here to help you experience greater joy and fulfillment in this moment of your life


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Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

We are licensed to practice throughout Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. 

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We are a collaborative team of clinicians devoted to helping women, parents and families across the lifespan. We formed Perennial Wellness because we believe that women deserve treatment that is attuned to their unique social, emotional and neurobiological experiences.

Our backgrounds allow us to hold space for each woman as she untangles the many complex emotions that may emerge while embracing her varied life roles. From individual therapy for women amidst life transitions, to targeted parenting support, to treatment tailored specifically for couples navigating parenthood, we hold space for each woman as she cultivates the insight and skills needed to optimize these pivotal moments of growth and connection in her life.

We're a practice that understands how women live and feel.

We also offer ADHD Assessments and Psychoeducational Evaluations, to empower you across your multifaceted identities.

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Perennial Wellness was founded with the mission to prioritize the mental health of women and families. We recognize that women have demanding active lives and, in turn, we know that therapy needs to be accessible and fit comfortably into the rhythm of each woman’s weekly routine. 

We offer secure teletherapy (video therapy), for women across the states of Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, as well as in person therapy options for those who are local to Westport, Connecticut. 

Teletherapy for your active life.

"I consider Dr. Levine and the entire team at Perennial Wellness trusted partners in the care of women through their many life transitions, especially the perinatal period. They are an expertly trained team of skilled and dedicated clinicians with a thoughtful approach to supporting women’s mental health. We have been lucky to partner with Perennial Wellness to provide parenting support groups and are grateful to have them in our community of resources for expectant, new and seasoned parents alike."

— Carolyn Kagen, Founder, The Alliance Center

"Emma and her team are a go-to for maternal mental health support for my clients. New motherhood is a time of steep learning curves and emotional upheaval which can contribute to anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. I am so thankful to have a trusted partner in Perennial Wellness for new moms that need additional support."

— Jessica Hill, the Parent Collective

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